Turn Back to the Divine

Sufi Spiritual Healing in a nutshell is turning to the Divine in the places within ourselves that have turned away from witnessing the Divine Reality. This Divine Reality is our original nature, how we were when we first came into existence. This Divine Reality is Love, Mercy, Truth, Union, Peace and many other Qualities of the Divine that may be revealed.

So, what are we witnessing if we are not witnessing the Divine?

Often times, we are witnessing our own beliefs or constructs generated by trauma, whether infinitesimally minute or staggeringly painful and tragic. This can be on any level, physical, mental or emotional. Each of these planes of experience interpenetrate each other and commonly affect each other, sometimes immediately and at other times through the passage of time. We live our lives and things happen to us and to the world. Even though some tragic events may not happen to us directly, we may still be affected by them, simply because we are all created by the same Source and thus contain that same thread of original consciousness. How could we not be affected? Of course, we may not always be aware of this, but it doesn't mean that we won't feel it on some level, even unconsciously.

What is Sufism?

Sufism is spiritual excellence achieved through witnessing and experiencing the Divine through our own hearts. In Hadith Qudsi, a narration of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh in which Allah speaks directly through him, states, “Neither the heavens nor the earth can contain Me, only the heart of my faithful servant.” The heart is the door this reality. Sufism is the intimate experience of the Divine communion within one’s own soul.


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