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Have a seat and let’s discuss how you are doing and what you would like help with. We can go as deep as you would like, I am here for you 100% - as your practitioner, your healing facilitator, your positive reinforcement, and your fellow human being on the journey of life. I want to hear all about what ails you, how you are feeling now and how you would like to be feeling. Tell me about your  hopes, dreams, emotions, bodily functions, sleep, energy, digestion, relationships, and anything you feel inclined to share. It is all relative and valid information for diagnosis and treatment.

I will feel your pulse and listen deeply to your body. The more open and relaxed you are, the more information I am able to receive. I will ask you questions based on what I feeling and I am happy to give you a play by play of the process. Then I will ask to see your tongue for more information about your body.


Now, for the treatment

It’s time for you to lie down on the table and relax, the treatment will begin. You can let me take it from here. While on the table, it helps to be aware of your body. Allow your mind to take a break. All you have to do is be present and breathe. You may fall asleep and rest very deeply during the treatment, some of the best healing takes place in this way, or you could stay awake and experience the movement of the Qi, thoughts, memories, and emotions. Each treatment is completely unique and differs every time according to your needs based on what I have learned from our conversation, pulse, tongue, and insight.

Types of Diagnosis

Pulse Diagnosis

Pulse diagnosis has been used for thousands of years to communicate and check in with the body. It is done by placing 3 fingers on the wrist of the patient along the radial artery. The practitioner feels 3 different positions and several varying depths, taking into consideration the width, length, depth, rate, and qualities. All of this information culminates into an extremely detailed picture of what is happening within the body.

Tongue Diagnosis

The tongue is a microcosm of the body with different areas pertaining to different organs. Coloration, shape, size, movement, and coat are all relative. For more information, see resources.


After the treatment

I will feel your pulses throughout the treatment and again at the end to affirm what has shifted. Take your time getting off the table and coming out of the room. The 15 minutes right after a treatment is as important as the treatment itself. Use it as a time to check in with yourself, notice what is different and how you feel, and say “yes” on a cellular level to anything you may be grateful for. Gratitude is a wonderful and effective way to anchor in positive shifts, and often brings further psychological and physiological benefits. Allow yourself a total reset. There’s no need to jump back into the breakneck pace of NYC life. Stay connected with yourself, your body, and with this moment; take your experience with you.


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